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The brand new strategy card game incorporating the Monsters & Miscreants cards “Monsters, Don’t Treat Them Gently!” is now available to buy with paypal.


Get your M R James Posters! 50 A3 250gsm quality posters of Richard Svensson’s unique visualisation of the Jamesian world as featured on the back of the Monsters & Miscreants Cards. These are available to UK buyers for £4.99 + £4.99 postage & packing (signed for postage). 

Buy a poster, post up a picture on facebook and you can join us in the Monsters & Miscreants Hall of Fame! Hall of Fame!


Ramsey Campbell, “Britain’s greatest living horror writer”, with Monty
Jim moon with Monty
Hypnogoria’s Jim Moon poses in full sartorial elegance with Monty!

All purchases from Pleasing Terror Games can be selected from the purchase webpage.


Sold all 15 copies I took to Haunted Studies: The Ghost Stories of M.R.James conference in Leeds. Lovely to meet so many James fans. Special privilege to meet the great Ramsey Campbell, who was pleased to accept a copy of Monsters & Miscreants!

Ramsey Campbell


Scroll down the page to read a wonderful review from one of our satisfied customers!

Pleasing Terror Games produces games based on the ghostly writing of the great M.R. James.

Our aims are to bring Jamesian literature fans into a new immersive, interactive experience, and to entice gamers new to M R James into wanting to discover these wonderful stories for themselves.


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. As a long-standing fan of both M.R. James and tabletop gaming, I absolutely could not be happier with Monsters & Miscreants!

    First of all, the artwork is stellar. As far as artwork of classic horror literature goes, we fans are spoiled with endless depictions of Lovecraft and Poe. So it’s a real pleasure to see every one James’s ghastly spectres rendered in top quality. Richard Svensson’s art has a shadowy, sketchy quality that suits James’s ghostly apparitions to a tee. Even better, from a design standpoint, almost every creature and character depicted is a wonderful success. From the famous demon of Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook to the more obscure wet and skeletal stalker of A School Story, each bears a striking and memorable design. A personal favourite is the visceral depiction of the “three women and a man” who haunt The Wailing Well. It’s eerie, it’s shocking, and it bears the distinct feeling of the awesome Warren comics (Tales from the Crypt, Creepy, etc.) of ’50s and ’60s.

    The physical product itself is a neat package. A slim and sleek laminated box bearing a wonderful portrait of the man himself, surrounded by a handful of his spine-chilling creations, a simple card explaining the genesis and rules of the game, a comprehensive sheet full of cherry-picked quotes and sources for each and every card, and of course the cards themselves. The cards are of an excellent quality. They’re beautifully laid out, tall and narrow, with the fine stock allowing the artwork to really shine.

    The gameplay itself is the time-tested classic of trumps-style “highest number wins”, but even this is well-balanced with a nice distribution of scores and skills amongst the cards. That said, anybody who has played the famous Top Trumps as a kid know that a few cards are always the winners. In particular, Canon Alberic’s hairy and bestial demon is to Monsters & Miscreants what the T. rex was to Top Trumps Dinosaurs!

    Finally, a kind word and a thank you must be extended to the creators. Despite being such a small outfit and busy as all-get-out, James Drewett and Richard Svensson were absolutely great in walking me through some shipping queries. Quick, accommodating, friendly and, of course, always ready with a Jamesian quip. I can honestly say that it’s among the best customer service experiences I’ve ever enjoyed!

    Monsters & Miscreants occupies pride of place on my bookshelf beside my complete James, and looks good doing it!

    – Rob

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  2. Monsters and Miscreants arrived well. A great tribute to M.R. James and also well-made. My son right away wanted to play and wants to read M.R. James’ stories. Which is great because it gets him away from his cellphone. Bravo!


  3. Super stuff, I look forward to the arrival of my purchase from you which will be a gift for an avid fan of both MR James and your new game… He already has your top trump cards and loves them. Smashing.


  4. If I whistle hard enough will you play a game with me my lad? Great idea from a long time fam of Mr James’s World, well done I’ve lost my heart to this set while I was casting my runes!


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