Cards for the Curious

Cards for the Curious is a dice and card story-telling strategy game.

Play the leading role in a series of chilling ghost stories from the canon of M. R. James. Embark on a terrifying journey of the imagination, as you try to survive the nameless dread that hunts you, with either your life or your sanity intact. Relive all the main drama of the actual tale, but, with a host of other encounters thrown in the mix, no story will ever be told the same way twice.

The game is currently being illustrated by Richard Svensson. Below are a couple of pictures from the prototype version.

The player will draw a series of favourable and foreboding encounters that could be imagined taking place in the different locations of the chosen story. Through a combination of dice rolls, attributes, strategy and favour cards, the player will move up and down a Threat Tracker which marks the gap between them and the “impending dread” that hunts them. Story Cards tell the chilling episodes from the actual story and enable the impending dread to make its inexorable move towards the player. To win the game, the player must reach the final scene in the story and survive the last terrifying encounter by staying ahead of the impending dread on the Threat Track. The player can try and beat their high score, by adding up victory points depending on their status at the end of the game. This is primarily a 1-player game, but can easily be adapted to accommodate 2 players.

Exciting news – Richard’s first Foreboding card for Cards For the Curious:

The Shadowy Ruin

 foreboding ruin for website