New Casting the Runes Dice Game

At Pleasing Terror Games, I have been busying away designing a “Casting the Runes” dice game. It is a fairly light 1-4 player, hidden identity game – where one player takes the role of Karswell. It features custom dice and cards, all thematically linked to the famous M. R. James story. I am hoping to keep the sale price down to around £15 depending on quotes for the dice etc. Let me know if you’re interested by leaving a comment through the website, or contacting me through the Pleasing Terror Games facebook page:


“Monsters, Don’t Treat Them Gently!” News

Sales of the new M.R. James Strategy Game: “Monsters, Don’t Treat Them Gently!” has been fantastic – over 50 sales in the first week and sold out of the limited edition linen maps. Thanks to everyone for their positive comments and enthusiasm.

Looking forward to hearing about people’s game plays.

Get yours here: