Monsters: Don’t Treat Them Gently!

SOLD OUT – email me at if you already have Monsters & Miscreants and just want to re-order this game.

So after 11 months of design and playtesting, the new game is ready; it’s time for the protagonists to fight back against the monsters & protagonistsmiscreants!

The new game features 20 protagonists from the world of M R James, lovingly brought to life by the artwork of Richard Svensson ( Hope you spot some of your favourite characters.


The Protagonists will encounter the Monsters & Miscreants from M R James (cards which you may already own).

But they do not go in alone; 18 boon cards are theirs to collect along the way:


The terrifying encounters take place across the a host of eerie locations in Barchester, all evocative of James’ stories. Travel from Judkin’s Well to Paxton Barrow  using the traditional board map or limited edition fabric map to plot your progress.


You can choose to play as the Protagonists in a solitaire game against the Monsters (played by the game mechanics), or go head to head in a 2 player game where one of you controls the Monsters. Destroy your opponents cards to win.

The rules are laid out in an A4 colour booklet and are easy to learn with lots of examples. You’ll pick up the flow of the game pretty quickly and then can add on as many of the tactical rules as you like to make the game more challenging and more strategic.

So here’s what you get (unless you’ve bought Monsters & Miscreants separately).


Some comments from our playtesters:

“the game flowed well, I was able to pick it up after about 3 turns”

“the artwork really adds to the atmosphere”

“the attention to detail in the cards and locations that, particularly to a lover of James, really immersed yourself in the world it was trying to create. Also, the ability to pit different monsters and protagonists against each other provided good talking points”

“there are a lot of choices but I saw that as a strength, adding to replay-ability”

“In many ways this game is unique and a novel approach to the field”

“having a solitaire option is an excellent addition”

7 thoughts on “Monsters: Don’t Treat Them Gently!

    1. Love your enthusiasm! Difficult to say – I’ll go in to bit of detail for other people who are interested: art work for cards is about 75% complete, board complete, fabric maps being stitched, counters etc still in prototype stage, game testing prob 75% complete – still waiting for feedback from some testers & just sending prototypes to 2 new testers. Them it will be finalising rule book, box and getting card sets printed. Sounds a lot when I’m full time working – so I’d love to say by Christmas. Everyone involved is either doing things for free or have lots of other projects they’re working on – so I can’t pressure anyone despite how much I’d love to get it out there for people to play! Hopefully it’ll all be worth it.


      1. Sorry, no-pre-order; as it’s a one man operation in my spare time, I try and keep things as simple as I can! I am planning to produce 80 copies of the game to begin with and will offer first order of the game by email to everyone who has already purchased Monsters & Miscreants. I will probably set up an order form as there will be an opportunity to choose the limited edition fabric map or the standard board game map. I’ve still got to finalise the price as well, looking at the postage options etc. Hope that helps and thanks for your interest.

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    1. Hi John. I presume you don’t have the original Monsters & Miscreants card game? Unfortunately there are no copies left and you need it to play ‘Monsters, Don’t Treat Them Gently!’. However, I have made a light version of this game which is simplified rules and uses counters to replace the original Monsters & Miscreants cards. You can buy it from this link: for £9.99 + £2.99 postage.
      Here is some details of the game:
      Thanks, James


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