Monsters & Miscreants

Monsters &Miscreants was born from a comment from Will Taylor from A Podcast to the Curious; after seeing the protagonist cards for Cards for the Curious he said how they reminded him of the old trump card games.

So having finished the design of Cards for the Curious, I wondered if I could do a simple MRJ card game to introduce people to the concept of gaming in the Jamesian world.

I needed original artwork, and while trawling the internet for MRJ images, I came across a lot of fantastic, vibrant images on I sourced these to an artist at and sent him a speculative email. Loneanimator turned out to be the brilliant Swedish artist and designer, Richard Svennson. He was keen to come on board and we have now become firm friends.

Monsters & Miscreants is a very simple trump-style game, familiar to most people and easy to learn. All the players have a hand of cards. Each card shows a set of categories with statistics, such as Fright Factor, Wall of Weird, Slayer Score etc. On your turn you choose a category on your top card which you hope will beat your opponents’ cards. The object of the game is to win all your opponents’ cards.