Protagonists and Boons

Fancy a light 2 player Jamesian-theme card game? No “Monsters and Miscreants” this time flexing their demonic claws, but instead its Jamesian Protagonists proving their Courage, Force, Resistance and Virtue and special abilities. One player will ultimately become the leader of this band of disparate supernatural intruders by winning all the cards.

Pit the protagonists of M.R.James against each other in a trump-style game, and add the flavour of article cards and rhetoric cards themed from M.R.James’ stories. How would the nervous Paxton from A Warning to the Curious fare against the forthright Colonel Wilson from Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad ? Will Colonel Wilson take along golf clubs or be singing a stirring hymn? Will Paxton be encouraging himself with a hip-flask of something strong or prefer to wield a crowbar? Will Paxon’s special ability of “concealer” will tip the balance and win the day?

All cards feature the wonderful art style of ‘The Lone Animator’ Richard Svensson.

Just £9.99 for the game and free postage and packing.

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