Monsters, Don’t Treat Them Gently!

“I’ve received my copy of M:DTTG and I’m very pleased with it. Flexible rules allow for both simple and subtly tactical games, while the excellent artwork and high production values mark this out as a really special product. Very satisfied customer here!” Peter Field

“My copy arrived in the post today, thank you so much, it looks awesome! The board alone looks incredible” Will Ross, A Podcast to the Curious

Monty Posters:

“It arrived today! Gorgeous!” Jim Moon from Hypnogoria

“Delighted to have received my copy this morning, should be getting poster framed soon.” Paul Braun

Monsters & Miscreants Card Game:

See lovely full review from one of customers, Robbie Lyons, by scrolling down on the Home page.

“Only £9.99 including post and packing … bargination or what!” “Buy one, buy one for every room in your house, buy two for the toilet!” “Get two – one to play with and one to frame … they’re beautiful … they’re so cool!” Mike Taylor and Will Ross; A Podcast to the Curious

“package arrived in the mail the other day, bursting with beautiful art and boundless imagination” Andrea Janes; Boroughs of the Dead: Macabre New York City Walking Tours

“This is a beautiful deck of cards … a must have item for any self-respecting M.R. James fan” Jim Moon; Microgoria Podcast

“[Cards for the Curious] A terrifying journey of the imagination where I try to survive the nameless dread that hunts me? I’m sold!” Andrea Janes; Boroughs of the Dead: Macabre New York City Walking Tours

“Great game… played by candle light several times since. Great quality too. Looking forward to the next game.” Gary Dennett

“M & M arrived safely and I must say, what splendid set it is! Stunning artwork throughout and the game is simplicity itself.” Mike Connell

“I recently received my set after hearing about it on the Hypnogoria …podcast. I’m really impressed with the artwork and quality! The insert with the quotations relating to each card is a nice touch.” Julian Field

“The illustrations are as good as any others I’ve seen – better,  perhaps.” Richard Leigh

“My cards arrived safe and sound this morning. Thank you. They look fabulous.” David Yates

“the cards mostly succeed in creating some nicely atmospheric images.” Rosemary Pardoe; Ghosts & Scholars

“[Cards for the Curious]: If it’s as attractive and reasonably priced as (the very limited-edition) Monsters& Miscreants, it should be fun.” Rosemary Pardoe; Ghosts & Scholars